With a new album on the horizon for Sian Cross, there’s a call for some other shiny new things too. Top of the hitlist right now is Sian’s new logo. She’s looking for a brand new design to use on her album cover, website, flyers and everything else she puts her name on (even her mug of tea!).

Always wanting to keep lots of people involved in her journey with this album, Sian thought it would be great to see if any of her fans had any suggestions. A competition was launched in her eNewsletter (sign up via Facebook here) a couple of weeks ago and we’ve had some great entries so far.

The competition is still open, so if you’ve got an idea and are nifty with a pen and paper or a wiz on Photoshop, get creating and send your logo suggestion to sian@siancross.co.uk. The prize for the chosen logo is no fewer than TEN copies of the new album plus your name in the credits!

Here’s a few of the entries so far:

logo contest entriesGood luck with your design… Sian is looking forward to seeing it!