Pritt Stick, Check.

Tissue paper, check.

Card, Check.

Scissors, check.

Tea bags, check!


Ok its time to start fulfilling my Pledges. Those of you that were kind enough to pre-order my album and pledge for a little extra while you were there are going to be keeping me busy for the next few weeks! I will be gradually getting through making, printing, cutting, recording and delivering all your pledges. I am afraid you will have to wait a little longer for the album but I hope these goodies keep you going in the meantime.


I am starting with my ‘Thank You Cards’. My friends and family will vouch for the fact that I am not much of a card giver. I find it a little impersonal and a waste of paper. Christmas’, birthdays, valentines day, weddings… we give cards only to open, read, put up around the house for a short amount of time and then throw them away. They are filled with words that someone else has written and they cost a fortune. If I am going to give a card it is going to be because my blood sweat and tears (from all the paper cuts) have gone into making it. From cutting out the card itself to sticking down each decoration and then lovingly writing my own personal message in there that says exactly what I want it too.

Now, my friend Joey is the queen of card making! She will put any card I attempt to make to shame and I love receiving hand crafted cards from her. I keep every single one!(remember I mentioned earlier about throwing out the cards you receive, you can’t possibly do that when it’s hand-made, it would be like throwing out a birthday present! So no wasting paper here.) But the beauty of card making is you don’t have to be some origami queen, it can be as simple as you like. It’s the process of making it that gives it its value not how fancy it is. My sister just had a birthday this weekend and I spent the morning making a card with my little nephew. He is not even 2 yrs old and while he was mainly obsessed with the Pritt Stick, he tore up the tissue paper, chose the flower and bow to put on, Stuck down the letters that read ‘Hapyp iBrthady’ and even scribbled his ‘name’ on the inside. It was no oil painting but it was made with love and he was so proud of himself! As was his mummy.

So you see, what I am trying to do is pave the way to making my mediocre cards acceptable to you now you know they were made with love!!! But seriously I hope you enjoy them and even if you don’t end up keeping them I hope you read the words and know that the time I spent making them pales in comparison to the gratitude I have for your pledges. I am so so happy and honoured to have your support that I would have to spend an eternity making cards before I even close to showing you how truly grateful I am.IMG_7516


Sian x

P.S. You can still pre order my album and make your pledge at http://www.pledgemusic.com/siancross