I have always loved art. I love to draw/sketch I was never so good at the painting but drawing, whether it’s with pencil, charcoal, pastels or even pen I just love it! At the beginning of last year I brought a sketch pad and decided I was going to get back into it… needles to say over a year down the line there are only 4 sketches in there. In July last year I attended a life drawing class for the first time since my school years! The class was in London(back when I was still a London local). I went with my sister who is a fantastic artist, we had such a great time it was challenging and interesting. Dan pushed us to draw different ways, using different medium and trying different techniques and there was a twist at the end. Our model was also a dancer and in the last 10 minutes he performed a contemporary dance piece butt naked as we all tried to capture his movement on paper. I really loved it and I would recommend it to anyone! Here is my favourite drawing of mine from the class. Remember it had been nearly 15 years since I last drew anything so don’t get all art critic on me:


If you are London bound and fancy it CLICK HERE for more details. Sadly I left London in August and have not yet found an art class to attend in the West Country so that was my art days on hold for a while…

…But where there is a will there is a way…

The last time I did and art project was back in 2000 when I was taking my GCSE’s (man I feel old). But while making my album I have of course been considering how I will market it; Getting ideas for videos, performances, single releases and of course, artwork! The album itself has been such a journey I wanted the artwork to reflect that. As most of you know my album is inspired solely by the true stories of others. Each and every person as real and honest as the next. Each and every story as harrowing and triumphant as the next and each and every person a true inspiration to all of us! So I wanted the artwork to be about that. Yes, I could go and put my glad-rags on, stand in front of a camera man with someone fanning me to create the illusion of my hair blowing in the wind, then photoshop the hell out of them and call that my album cover( don’t get me wrong I bloody love a good photoshoot!)… but it doesn’t feel right for this. The album is not about me, it’s about you.

Cut a long story short I have team up with World Champion Freestyle Body Painter, my good friend Spinks. What Spinks does is transforms the human body into beautiful pictures using just her paintbrush. She is incredibly skilled at what she does and her work reflects that. My personal favourite is the Peacock, made up of 7 pairs of legs and one arm.


Spinks and I got chatting about my album art work… I’ve been wanting to do a project with her for so so long and this seemed like the perfect opportunity! Her work is exactly in line with my album concept; Every song is created from real people and their stories and Spinks uses real people as her canvas! So it seems totally fitting… To have the artwork made up of real people too would be just totally harmonious, and you all know just how much I love harmonies!!! We will be doing a picture for each song. Every picture will reflect the meaning and lesson within the song. Where possible I am using the subject of the song as the model for the art piece to go with their song. So it truly is all intertwined in a beautifully real and creative manner. I am so so excited! Spinks and I brainstormed each song, trying to figure out exactly how we could convey the message. What imagery would create the right feel and mood for each track and how we would go about organising all the people, lights, photo’s, schedules, back drops and everything else. We have done 2 shoots so far: The 1st for my song ‘Break the Chain‘ Photographed by the amazing Compo modelled by Veronica Vrettos, Helen May and myself and 2nd just yesterday for my song ‘What Do You Learn’ modelled by Richard Brown and photographed by Spinks herself. I am already so so pleased with how it is all working out. Spinks and I are having a great time and we can’t wait to show you all. We don’t want to spoil the illusions so you will have to wait for any sneak peaks but please just trust me when I say, it’s gonna be epic! You only have to look as Spinks’ previous work and you will be as excited as I am! If you are blown away by the peacock then head over to Spinks FACEBOOK PAGE and hit ‘like’. She is awesome not only in talent but in person too!

Also you can have a little look at how she does it, just CLICK HERE to watch a time-lapse of her in action!

Lots of love and hugs,

’til next time!

Sian x